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Gee, what happened to 'tolerance'?

You know what I'm tired of?

People labeling me a "homophobe" because I don't agree with them on gay marriage.
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(steals the thread. ;) )

Umm..I'm gonna say something here that you probably won't like and won't agree with, but, I'm saying it anyway. Just remember, even tho we don't agree on a lot of politics, I still luv ya. ;)

You taking a personal afront about that post and phrase and making a plea for tolerance, while is your right, is a bit hypocritical considering the number of posts you make regarding your feelings on dem's and liberals.

Heck girl, I get most of my political info from your posts and I'm a dem/liberal (or something in between there). Anyway...I use it as a jumping point to find out more. Even when you toss comments about Damn Liberals and make snide remarks about Dems and such. If I took it personally I would have written you off years ago.

Short both have the right to post what you want and say what you want in your own journals. Best to try to not take it personally. You'll just drive yourself nutty.

Time is much better spent writing fic. ;)