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Gee, what happened to 'tolerance'?

You know what I'm tired of?

People labeling me a "homophobe" because I don't agree with them on gay marriage.
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People need to just grow up and realize that others aren't wrong or biggoted because they happen to have a varying opinion.

If we all agreed life might be less harsh but it would also be way too boring.

Well I guess I'm also a racist because I'm anti-illegal immigration and sexist because, um, I'm sure there's some reason...
Well, I guess that I would have to join you in those then.

I'm anti-illegal immigration so I guess that would make me racist too.

And I think that men should open doors and buy me dinner. So I guess that makes me sexist.

The gay marriage thing I'm not as conservative on. There I could probably care less.
Well it's someone I usually consider a friend; the comment wasn't made directly to me -- it was a rant against people who don't support gay marriage including the phrase "homophobic idiots".
(steals the thread. ;) )

Umm..I'm gonna say something here that you probably won't like and won't agree with, but, I'm saying it anyway. Just remember, even tho we don't agree on a lot of politics, I still luv ya. ;)

You taking a personal afront about that post and phrase and making a plea for tolerance, while is your right, is a bit hypocritical considering the number of posts you make regarding your feelings on dem's and liberals.

Heck girl, I get most of my political info from your posts and I'm a dem/liberal (or something in between there). Anyway...I use it as a jumping point to find out more. Even when you toss comments about Damn Liberals and make snide remarks about Dems and such. If I took it personally I would have written you off years ago.

Short both have the right to post what you want and say what you want in your own journals. Best to try to not take it personally. You'll just drive yourself nutty.

Time is much better spent writing fic. ;)
Actually if it's the post I'm thinking about, that phrase wasn't directed at people who don't support gay marriage. It was directed at Bush & his cohorts for hijacking the issue so they can ignore more legitimate issues. Or that's certainly the way I read it.
Differing opinions should be respected no matter what the topic. Personally, gay marriage doesn't bug me, but it really annoys me how in this instance those who might see themselves as more "tolerant" and "accepting" can't even get past petty name-calling. Not cool.
Did someone call you that specifically or was it a global statement in general?

Disagreement is fine, needed infact to continue free will and thought. Smacking you specificially on your own LJ..not so cool.

It seems to me, sometimes, that the only ones against whom it's totally cool to discriminate any more are those with conservative viewpoints - whether Christian or not. I know the Bible warned me that many in the world would hate me for my views, but the inconsistency with which the term "tolerance" is bandied about by its most ardent supporters alternatively offends and amuses me. (Amuses in that they can't see it, that is.)
I am sure I have a few people on LJ labeling me a "homophobe" just because I don't agree with homosexual marriage either but frankly I don't care what they think because it is God I'll have to answer to one day when I stand before Him and not them.

But yeah I understand what you mean with "tolerance" being a double standard in today's society...
I look at it this way

if Bill and Ted get does that affect ME when judgement day comes????

I will -theoretically - answer for MY life and MY life's choices. Not what the dude down the block is doing.

Maybe if folks spent less time trying to boss the whole world around and more time taking care of themselves and doing their best to live a 'better' life, the world would be a better place.

However, labeling a person a homophobe because they don't like gay marriage is the same as labeling me a homophobe because i don't like slash fic. Name calling to take the easy way out and avoid the issue and hide behind a buzz word.

Let them think what they wanna think and do what they wanna do...they're gonna have to deal with the repercussions in the end, not you.
If you don't like gay marriage - that's your right and I'd never expect you to always agree with me - hell, we never agree on anything.

However, using it as a political issue and writing your own personal morals into the constitution? I don't think that's right and I never will. The constitution is about *protecting* freedoms, no limiting them.

So no, I wasn't talking directly about you - but honestly, since you expect me not to take so many of the unsulting things you say in your journal personally...I guess I'd say the same thing to you.
have they not seen your wall of fire? I wouldn't call you /anything/.