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More on 'Scion'. Not the car.

Jacqueline Carey's books aren't exactly known for being side-splittingly funny, but I came across a passage when I was reading last night that actually made me laugh out loud, and I had to share.

It's not plot-spoilery, I don't think, but I'll put it behind a lj-cut for the purists. Of course, I don't know how pure you can be if you're reading these books ;)

Young nobles going fangirly over Joscelin! Hee!

They wanted to hear tales of Phedre and Joscelin, too. Owing to their exploits, it had become somewhat of a fashion among the young gentry to be enamored of one or both of them. At first it set me on edge to hear it, but I grew accustomed to it. In truth, it probably did me some good. It was romantic fancy, nothing more, and I came to accept this.

So I told them those stories, too... how we rowed an entire night across the Lake of Tears, how Joscelin fought singlehandedly against the army of Saba.

That one sent Colette Trente to sighing. "Is it true he's never taken a lover other than her?" she asked, gazing wistfully at Joscelin. "Man or woman? Never?"

I shrugged. "Insofar as I know."

"He's a Cassiline Brother," Marguerite reminded her. "He broke all his vows for Lady Phedre, and now he's bound not to love anyone else, so long as he lives."

They sighed in unison at the terrible, wonderful romance of it.

"Lucky him," said Bertran.

"Lucky her," Julien added.

It made me laugh. I told Joscelin about it later for the sheer amusement of seeing his blank stare in response.

"Name of Elua!" he said. "Why me?"

"Because," I said gravely, "you are a figure of great and terrible romance."

Joscelin rolled his eyes. "And you are spending overmuch time in the company of foolish young women."

I grinned. "Even foolish young women are right sometimes."
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