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Do I dare? I do, I do dare.

A question for fer'ners and others:

Over the past couple of months, while the Congress and the media and the American public in general has been talking about southern border security and stopping the insane flow of illegals, there has been some snickering and snorting over the idea of building a border wall. Now, the wall is something I completely support. I also think they should electrify it and include a crocodile-infested moat and a mine field. But people who think a wall is silly and ridiculous and pointless, I'm interested in knowing... how would you secure the border? How would you keep the illegals from coming over as well as any possible terrorists (ignoring for the moment that terrorists seem more interested in the northern border.

So here's the question: how would you secure the US/Mexico border?

(Hmm. I still need to make a Wall of Fire!!! icon.)
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I think teh giggles are because of the sheer size of both borders, but hey china managed it right? And you're not putting up one wall across the entire thing as I understand it.

I'm still with the dino idea! but seriously I just don't know and to be honest I doubt a wall will stop them we're an island seperated from the rest of the world and 2 billion pounds in benefits a year worth of immigrants are still here! If they are determined then they'll get there somehow someway

Well, you're an island but you're not exactly seperated from the rest of the world. The English Channel is like 20 miles long, and there's the Chunnel system. Maybe you guys would have more success if you were a *walled* island ;)

Seriously, though, what is UK customs and immigration security like? Closer to open borders or 'closed' borders?
It's a joke!

I blame the french, no seriously!
They get in at the tunnel and on the boats after leaving/escaping this big 'holding' camp where the french keep illegals before deporting them.

They have tightened laws punishing truck drivers for taking people in their vans or for not searching for stowaways properly, but it does no good people still manage to hide out.

What annoys me is they get through ALL of Europe before they get here, If they really were running from persecution as they claim then why not just skip into the nearest friendly country? oh wait it's cus we give them a house, car (depending on circumstances) free healthcare and money! until they manage to deport them, which apparently does not happen often and if they have children during the wait then they are allowed to stay. There has been a lot of press coverage about immigrants that have raped/killed while waiting to be deported recently.

I have no problem with people coming here the legal way because that means they have something to offer the country (and no criminal record), doctors teachers and so on BUT I think there needs to be more strict rules on that also, If you want to live in another country learn the fracking language!

If you can work out how to say ‘turkey salad sub on white bread’ in Russian let me know please?

also, If you want to live in another country learn the fracking language!

Amen to that, sister!
This is not my opinion, just one that I'm repeating from a friend who didn't like a "forward" I sent about the illegal immigration situation. His opinion as that there should *be* any border - that people should be allowed to flow back and forth without a problem. How he thought we'd stop terrorists is beyond me. But that's what he thought.
As J said, the amusement is at the idea of a fence that stretches all the way across several thousands of miles. Sure, China might have done it, but the US govt is not traditionally known for believing they can control the way their citizens think as well as act.

(I privately find that the Chinese are very smart once you get them out of China. But the thinking inside China is stupid.)

As to how to secure the US/Mexico border...I don't know that I would. I'd look at a way to tighten up things on my side of the border so it wouldn't be worth the Mexicans trying to sneak over - and I'd look at encouraging the Mexican government to make it worthwhile for their citizens to remain Mexican citizens. Improve the carrot rather than bring out a bigger stick, so to speak. Granted, I don't know all the issues and history behind the US/Mexican border argument, it may be that these measures have been tried before and failed.

I just found the idea of building a fence between the US and Mexico comic given the distances involved and the unlikelihood that the fence will be adequately patrolled.
Well, the idea is that if it's a good enough fence, it actually reduces the amount of area that needs to be consistantly patrolled. There are some areas that are more popular with illegals than others, due to proximity to cities and the terrain/roads/etc. And given monitoring technology, you don't need to fence the entire three thousand miles.

On the other hand, there are Americans who have property right there on the border and they have the right to put up a fence/wall of their own, and several of them are doing that.

I'd look at a way to tighten up things on my side of the border so it wouldn't be worth the Mexicans trying to sneak over

Well that's part of it -- punishing companies and people who hire illegals, because if everybody demanded valid ID before employing somebody there would be a lot fewer carrots.

- and I'd look at encouraging the Mexican government to make it worthwhile for their citizens to remain Mexican citizens.

That's one of the problems. 1) A lot of the illegals don't want to stop being Mexican citizens. They're still very patriotic when it comes to their country, for some reason ;) They just want to come here, work, and send the money back home to Mexico. And that money makes up a substantial portion of Mexico's economy, which is why the Mexican government is *encouraging* people to come here illegally, and even giving them tips on how to get here and avoid capture.
I don't think it's possible to secure the US-Mexico border, not completely. It's just too long. There's no practical way to wall off the entire thing and have sufficient manpower to make sure no one climbs over it. And even if there was, illegals will always find a way over the border if they're determined enough. There's 90 miles of OCEAN between Florida and Cuba, and we still get a fairly steady stream of people comming in.

I think the best way to curb illegal immigration is to pass laws like the one they're trying to get through that make it harder for illegals to find work once their here, and to step up visa/green card enforcement and start deporting more people. If you make life hard for them here, they'll stop comming. We also need to get the Mexican government to actually cooperate (the bastards) and do things to keep their citizens in their own damn country.

As for terrorists, they don't sneak over borders in the middle of the night; they fly first class with fake id's.
I happen to agree with you 100%.

And I completely agree with leanring the language of the country in which you live. I remeber getting and evil look and having a waiter walk away from me in a restaraunt in Madrid because I mispronounced something - and I DO speak Spanish (did much better at the time). I can imagine the line of slurs and lawsuits that would flow if people reacted that way in this country.

What people need to remember (something that I think the American people don't do nearly enough of) is that freedom does have a price. It doesn't come cheap or easy. Fortunately, and unfortunately, we've become lax because we've been able to coast along on that which was already paid for by previous generations.