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A question for fer'ners and others:

Over the past couple of months, while the Congress and the media and the American public in general has been talking about southern border security and stopping the insane flow of illegals, there has been some snickering and snorting over the idea of building a border wall. Now, the wall is something I completely support. I also think they should electrify it and include a crocodile-infested moat and a mine field. But people who think a wall is silly and ridiculous and pointless, I'm interested in knowing... how would you secure the border? How would you keep the illegals from coming over as well as any possible terrorists (ignoring for the moment that terrorists seem more interested in the northern border.

So here's the question: how would you secure the US/Mexico border?

(Hmm. I still need to make a Wall of Fire!!! icon.)
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