Yes I can see how this blogger might view these books given he notes his occupation as
Occupation: White / Caucasian

He must have a lot of time on his hands to search round the internet.
lol, I think that's more likely another reason why myspace sucks - weird tweaks like that.
Then, you force your kid to watch nothing but DVDs of gritty exploitation flicks and The Sopranos

He knows that there are gay people on the sopranos right? or is he just pretending to be backward for comic effect?

This is learned behavior, like saying "girlfriend" or liking Tori Amos.

*looks at who's music videos he's watching* Uh-oh!
Ironically, as I'm reading this I'm also watching the video for 'Bliss', which features the line "Maybe we're a bliss of another kind" in the chorus.
Reading these, this is the hardest I've laughed all day, and I read Dave Berry at lunch.

My, but this layout is green. =)
Yeah, that guy cracks me up, even if he's on Myspace ;)

It is a lot of green, isn't it? I want something springy... *goes looking for more tiled backgrounds*