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Wall of Fire!

Personally, I agree with Frank J over at IMAO. This would be a great idea:
I hear some private citizens are going to construct their own wall along the Mexican border in the style of the wall the Israelis built to keep crazies from trying to blown them up. I think this is a bad idea. If we have walls like the Israelis, then we'll be just like them, and I want to worship Jesus. I have a better idea.

A wall of fire!

It would be like one of those eternal flame memorials, except all along the Mexican border and the fire would shoot up 25 feet in the air. And think of the advantages of a wall of flame:

* Can't be graffitied. Fire burns paint.

* Can't be scaled. Fire is not only hot, it is not a solid.

* It'll be really cool looking. Think of all the tourism to see the wall of fire. And it will be great to have barbecues next to.

* Illegal immigrants are much more scared of fire than concrete. There are studies to prove this.

This looks like an awesome idea. Considering the cost, we could build one along the Canadian border too. With all this focus on the Mexicans, let's not forget those devious canuks. Not even their armies of meese will be able to get past our flames.

Just more outside of the box thinking from your friend Frank J. Hell, I lost my box years ago.

Works for me. Of course, it's a foregone conclusion that the environmentalists will be against it. Damn liberals.
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