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Well, I am now a registered substitute teacher.

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I'm going to sub for Sonya (the 3rd grade teacher I student taught with) on Thursday.
Well this whole sub thing is kind of on a day by day basis ;)

You on AIM? I have questions ;)
Great news. Are you likely to be getting any work in the few weeks before school ends, or do you just wait it out until next semester?
I'm working this Thursday with one of the teachers I student taught with, and two of the four elementary schools in the district are year-round.
That's great! I guess you'll be getting work at some point then.

Are you looking for a full time position somewhere? Or are you happy with relief teaching at the moment?
Yeah, still looking for full time, but Oakley isn't hiring yet. We're little so we're kinda slow ;)
You really are a glutton for punishment, aren't you? ;o) Work's work, and experience is good right? Good luck!