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Cuteness attack!

Pinned underneath a rock in a cave for all eternity! You go girl!

"Good Lord my parents suck."

Now, on to the cute stuff.


OMGlookatthecute! Heehee.

"Damn, the black man found us..."


"Could be worse. Could be Will."

Ring! *points* Dammittohell, I want to see the wedding!

Wow, nice front yard. I guess secret agents must have pretty good retirement plans. That or they're still living off Vaughn's life insurance :D

Aww, look at pretty mamaSyd!

"This is Jack. He's already working on his granddaddy's stoic expression. Plus he can kill a man five ways with a rubber ducky.*

And what is Sydney wearing, anyway?

Telepathically to Vaughn: *Damn, the black man found us. What's our escape plan?"


Doesn't she look just like mommy? She's been playing in mommy's spy!makeup kit too, I think.

Yup, cute from that angle too.

"... and suddenly I have an overwhelming desire to go try on mommy's high heels..."

Is it just that dress and the wind, or does Sydney look preggers there?

"I wonder if that creepy feeling I just had signifies a spin off..."

*thinks about it*


The cute!

*sniff* Back atcha, you crack-addled ****heads!

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