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Mom and I just watched the final episodes of Alias

A pretty good ending for the show; overall, I'm happy.

I don't quite understand why the had to kill off Tom, especially in such a kind of anticlimactic way, except of course for the emotional impact. Which kind of sucks, because I wanted him and Rachel have little spybabies too! Oh well. Marshall was awesome, it was nice to see Carrie again, and I was hoping most of the two hours that Sark would finally get a conscience; he seemed to have issues with several of the things he was asked to do. But then again, this is Sark we're talking about. Kudos to making big tough machine-gun wielding Peyton into a gibbering ophidiophobe (person afraid of snakes).

I was happy to see Sydney finally go up against SpyMommy, because I never trusted Irina and Syd (and Jack also) gave her way to many chances and she crapped on all of them. Turns out in the end she really was a pretty heartless bitch. I was sort of hoping that she would go flying off the roof of that building, but I guess falling through glass while scrambling after her Rimbaldi crap worked also. I just wish Syd hadn't tried to save her there at the end -- that really makes me want to smack Sydney. Just let her die already!

SpyDaddy... sad, because, well, it's Jack and it would have been so nice for him to get to know his grandchildren and vice versa. But it was fitting -- he took Sloane out of the equation in the best way he knew how, and it's not certain that he would have survived his injuries anyway. I'm glad that Sydney was able to say goodbye, and that Vaughn felt that Jack finally respected him. Still, sad.

I have to complain, though, because I kept waiting for them to explain all this Rimbaldi crap and they didn't. The tomb, the Horizon, the amulet, the big drippy red ball that brings dead people back to life... wtf? I mean, I love scifi and fantasy, and I could have accepted an explanation if there was one, but there wasn't one! Unless there was one and I just didn't understand it. Can anybody explain it to me, please?

The end, though, the end was perfect. Sydney and Vaughn, a happy family at last, living off the grid with Isabelle and little Jack... when Isabelle calls "Daddy!" I just about died from the cuteness. They're so adorable. And because it ended on a happy note story- and relationship-wise, it's not going to hurt to go back and watch the older episodes the way that it hurts to watch old X-Files and Voyager. I think at this point I could even go back and watch Season 3 episodes with the Evil Blond Bitch because the angst in that season is simply beautiful and I'd have the comfort of knowing that she dies horribly at the end of the season. Heehee.

I still want an Alias future-spinoff with Isabelle and Jack Vaughn (yes, their last name is Vaughn, I have decided so) and the Flinkman kids and maybe one of Will's loser children and then Rachel and Dixon can be the head honchos and we can do it all over again! Mwahahaha!

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