I *so* could not have chosen between them. Of course, I've only watched one or two other episodes, so I don't know all that has gone before. But in the times I watched, they were both so good.
Taylor is just so much more of an entertainer. Kat was an OK singer, but there was just nothing special about her, marketing-wise.
You'd know that from watching more, I guess. I thought that the #3 fellow was a better singer - voice quality anyway - but he needed braces or something. His crooked teeth distracted me from his music. If I didn't look, I loved hearing him sing. His mom was a hoot last night!

And Kat's Daddy was so sweeeeet...crying. "She takes my breath away" and all.

Yeah, Taylor seems to have quite a personality - and I loved when he played the harmonica, too.

It was interesting seeing all the others who'd been voted off before I started watching. Was the really heavy black lady the one that told Simon Cowell off and got him to apologize for his untoward comments? She was a great singer, and black women generally get away with obesity over white girls - but that number with the girls all in black/slacks...they didn't do her any favors with that outfit!

I think I first watched it when the tiny black girl was voted off. I tho't she had a nice personality but either too nervous or something and didn't live up to potential. She seemed really sweet tho'.

The little geeky kid really has no dancing rhythm, but he's just so geeky!cute!

All the guys seem to think the best move while singing is bend at the knees - seeing them all do that in a bunch really made it obvious that someone was coaching them to do that or somehow they were all convinced to "perform" that way.

It was interesting. I can't imagine the torture those judges went through - seeing all those horrible ones for the "golden statues" - to get down to the right number for the show.
Elliot (#3 guy) did have a good voice, but unfortunately I'm sure his physical appearance put people off.

Kat's dad cried every single time she sang. It was cute at first, but then it just got repetative.

Yeah, Mandisa is the big black girl who told off Simon, and then he apologized.

The little black girl was Paris, and I was glad when she got voted off. Her speaking voice grated on my nerves, and she just seemed to be all over the place... she didn't know who she was.