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Heaven help me, but this actually looks kind of interesting.
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The "Speed" actors together again!

I heard an ad for this tonight - really only caught the movie's name. Yeah, it does sound intriguing!
The first time I didn't really pay attention to the commercial; it just looked like some soppy love story. But now that I've paid attention it looks like a soppy love story with some kind of time travel which is infinitely cooler :D
Lol, I was just talking about this with my sister.

She's like, "Did you hear Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are making a new movie together. That thing is gonna bomb."

But I think it looks like quite a sweet movie. I'm gonna go see it :)
Scary, isn't it? It looks like a perfect staying home in sweats type of movie rental.
I was thinking the same thing, once I caught the time travel part. Not enough to go see in the theater (not many are, really) but definitely on my "must rent" list.