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Millions of tiny pictures...

98 down, 34 to go on my Bones mood theme. So far I still have... aggravated, angry, crappy, energetic, enraged, exhausted, happy, lonely, satisfied, lazy, ditzy, excited, groggy, hyper, relaxed, restless, bouncy, silly, optimistic, embarrassed, envious, sick, loved, awake, full, ecstatic, geeky, quixotic, crazy, predatory, dirty, thankful, grateful and jealous.

I still have a lot of episodes to go through (I'm making my own caps through VirtualDub), but if anybody has any suggestions for scenes to focus in on for any of the above I'd be very grateful. I know it shouldn't be hard to find something for "geeky", but I don't want to use Zack every time ;)

I've already used caps from the "Hot Blooded" scene as well as the bits at the end from Two Bodies in a Morgue (trying not to spoil here, although I assume there will be some spoilers in the comments).
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