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I had to call in sick to work today... and I really didn't enjoy it. The Management made it clear right off the bat that tardiness and absences are one of the biggest problems the Antioch theater has had. And most of the time people calling in 'sick' weren't really sick (or so they suspected) they just wanted a day off. So I knew - I just knew - when I called in today that Rob thought I was bluffing. I sounded too perky, I bet that was my problem.

Anyway, there's no way I'm going in tomorrow, considering how little sleep and food and general strength I'm running on. Just sitting upright in front of the computer is tiring, forget being on my feet and in motion from 930-600. So... screw em.


Friday's episode of Stargate (before the bug set in) was a pleasure to watch. Go ahead, slap my wrist, but I always go into one of Peter's eps slightly concerned because TFO and (especially) BoB fell so flat for me (of course the man himself is redeemed not only by his sheer brilliance, charm and wit but also by Entity *g*). But this one was very nice. I especially liked the scene between Jacob and Jack (wow, that was more Abyss closure than I ever thought we'd get, and I'm glad Jack boy's still on good terms with his future father-in-law *eg*). And of course there were the nice references to DaC, which were also a welcome surprise.

Shelby watched the episode with me, and it was kinda cute because - since she hasn't watched it much lately - she wanted to see the new guy, whom she kept calling 'Joe'. Naturally this was a 'Joe'-light ep; I believe somebody figured this was the week Corin got married. Even if it wasn't, I'm certain Corin took his being 'written out' with much more good grace than certain other former Stargate "actors". I'm rather tempted to sit down and watch Meridian with Shelby; after all the wailing of 'oh, my teenage children had nightmares!' it would be cool to be able to say "Really? My cousin's 7 and she just kept asking why Daniel turned into a jellyfish" ;)

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