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Spoiler pics from last Wednesday's Alias behind the cut.

*sniffles at the cuteness*

I gotta say, as far as incorporating the whole pregnancy/my-baby's-daddy-is-dead shtick into the last season of a show, Alias totally blows X-Files out of the water.

*dies at the cuteness*

Alli needs icons, folks!
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Okay, but this was soooo long overdue. Like, if we hadn't gotten this at some point, I would have gotten an ulcer.
I don't even follow the show except through you. :)

So, what happened? Didn't Vaughn vanish or something? I know that Jennifer Garner got preggers or something...did they work that into the story?
Yeah, Jenn Garner got preggers so they worked it into the story that it was her and Vaughns *love* Only before they could get married Vaughn was "killed" by the bad guys. Only he wasn't actually killed -- he was very badly injured and then Sydney's dad faked Vaughn's death and hid him away so the bad guys wouldn't try to kill him again. The creator of the show, who isn't nearly as smart as he thinks he is, tried to make the audience believe that Vaughn was actually dead all this time, which was a whole lot of hooey.

So yeah, that's it in a nutshell ;)
I have watched very little Alias, but I got drawn in by the "last two episodes" advertisements, and I was pretty happy that I'd seen this sweetness without putting myself through the angst of the previous season ;)
But the sweetness just isn't as poignant without the suffering of the angst!

Still, I'm happy that you watched :)
All I know about Alias, I get through my twin and Dad. I'm sorry I missed seeing this moment, though. His expression just makes me melt. *wants to hug him*
wow so cute

I hope that we get the next season some time soon.

*doesnt hold breath*
Hey, if anyone's gonna be stroking him, it's me! *slaps hand away*

And as for the sprog, hmm, I don't know. I sort of wouldn't think so, because of the whole privacy thing... plus I imagine it would be kind of weird for Ben considering Jenn and Michael used to be a couple ;)

But whoever's kid it is, she's damn cute!