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Notes: Alou bothered by Astros fans

HOUSTON -- The reaction of Astros fans to Barry Bonds being hit by reliever Russ Springer in the fifth inning of Tuesday night's game bothered Giants manager Felipe Alou more than the actual plunking.

Many in the crowd of 35,286 gave Springer a standing ovation after he hit Bonds. Springer threw all five pitches in the fifth inside to Bonds, the first one going behind him.

"It bothered me a lot because there's a lot of children here," Alou said before Wednesday's game.

Alou pointed out that the Astros have a child yell "play ball" into a microphone at the start of every game. "I don't believe that's 'playing ball,'" he said of the crowd reaction to Bonds being hit. "There are a lot of kids watching the game. I'm not talking about a guy getting hit. I'm talking about a standing ovation when it happened.

"If you don't have any feelings for the person or player [Bonds], you have to have some respect for what's going on. They've got to be respectful of the event. There's millions of people watching. I feel there's other ways to express your feelings." Someone asked Alou if he felt he compelled to defend Bonds. "I don't feel I have to defend Barry," he said. "The system defends Barry. Common sense defends Barry."

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