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Poll #726487 Bones vs Alias

What should I watch at 8pm tonight (assuming I'll download the other one and watch it tomorrow)?

Hell, I don't care what you watch

UPDATE: I watched Alias. What can I say -- it's Vaughn.
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Maybe you'll like it, but I didn't particularly care for Bones tonight. It wasn't very subtle in its politics, I felt.
I'm watching it now, and so far it seems pretty fair... obviously Hodgins is a wacky lib, and they've set him up as such for the entire series.
Ah, see, maybe I judged it rather harshly... I've never seen it, was not familiar with the characters, and, to be fair, I have to admit I didn't really watch it all the way through - I just kept catching the man with bad hair griping when I would flip back to it. I really didn't like that funny-haired griping fellow. Like, at all.
Yeah, the funny-haired guy is Hodgins, who is a liberal whack in every way possible ;) What they had him say was actually pretty tame, for him ;)