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On the same day Geena Davis accepted an award for her portrayal of a female President, ABC shelved Commander in Chief for the crucial May ratings sweeps – effectively making the White House drama a lame duck.

Still, Davis, 50, told PEOPLE she has hope for the series: "Naturally, I'm not happy about their pulling it off during sweeps. …But the decision about whether it's going to be renewed will not bemade until the 13th of May. So until further notice, I am still theCommander in Chief."

She added, "I think even if they tell me I'm not, I think I still will be. I'll keep showing up to work even if it's not thereanymore."

Davis's award – for her portrayal of President Mackenzie Allen – was given to her at the United Nations by the White House Project, a nonprofit organization that promotes voting and political participation among women, with the goal of electing a female President.

Um, Geena?

*makes 'loser' sign on forehead*

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