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Poll #719062 Flight 93

Are you going to see the movie Flight 93

Yes, definitely
No, I just don't feel comfortable seeing it
No, it's too soon to make a movie about 9/11
I don't know
Other (comment)
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Ooh, I knew I should have made that an option.

By any chance, did you ever see Pearl Harbor?
Probably not since I don't go see too many movies anyway, and the ones I do are usually sci-fi/fantasy.
I am going to buy a ticket but I won't go into the movie itself as I can't handle this kind of movie right now - and the reason I am going to buy the ticket is because I have heard that money from the movie is going towards the Flight 93 memorial fund - and I want to support that as those people were true American heroes!
Every movie review I saw this week said "this is the best movie nobody wants to see." I just don't want to watch it. I remember it just fine without being reminded.