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Just watched last night's Bones.

Well that ending was rather frustrating. Are we just supposed to assume that the girl died? I guess considering it's the daughter of a recurring character, we might find out sooner or later.

I can't decide if Hodgins/Angela is cute or just creepy. Probably cause I can't tell if he really has feelings for her or if he's just trying to get into her pants.
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Zomg!! Is that you Alli Snow?!
I was told to say that in welcome to you. HOw you doin'?

Oh wanted to invite you to chats with us among the crazy J/T'd be great to see you in the chat!!

Anyway nice to meet you, and I hope to get to know you bette.

Hopefully you headache gets better. Don't watch bones though....

Re: Zomg!! Is that you Alli Snow?!
Zomg!! Is that you Alli Snow?!

LOL. I think I have some idea of who I need to hurt for that one...
Well that kind of started in the previous episode when he gave her the speech of Bones becoming more adventurous because of Angela.
No, the last two weeks he has definitely been getting slobbery over her. Like I said, I can't decide if it's "Aww"-worthy or "Eww"-worthy.