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Once more...

My To Do List for Today
- Do Science assignment 5.3
- Write Science essay
- Study for Science quiz
- Study for Spanish quiz
- Work on Ch. 23
- Work on "Perfect World"


*looks at Sue warily*

Got the cutest card from my cousin Shelby today -- she mailed it and everything.

Dear Alli,

I am watching T.V. and dad is watching the football game but always I play Playstation at night. this is very cool I am off three Mondays I had a cold but I am feeling better. it's sunny here how is school doing? tell everyone in your house that I said hi and Alli play pinball for me please because I like it a lot. tell Jamie his work is good. i have to go bye.


And I only had to correct a few spelling mistakes. But for being 7, how cute is that? ;)

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