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I've had two songs stuck in my head for days... "Hopelessly Devoted" from Grease and "On My Own" from Les Mis. Thankfully, Napster has both of them.

Alias was fairly lame tonight. Not that I wanted Will's stupid head to explode, but I wasn't exactly rife with panic about it. How about less Whiny Will and bizzare futuristic technology and so-called plot twists that I figured out as soon as I saw the title of the episode, and more, hmm, more what? What? What could we possibly need more of, *$%&@!

That's right -- more Vaughn!


JJ, you suck.
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Don't watch "Alias", but my friend does...he goes nuts over it and I just shake my head. :) But, gotta say, those songs are wonderful choices. I've had "I Am the Walrus" and "One Week" in mine for the past three days...kinda weird.
What could we possibly need more of?

Hee! Yes. And here's the thing. I can take it when they have super-thin glasses that xray money, of all things, and when Sydney can somehow find a sinking object in a dark body of water in under 30 sec. But mysterious liquid that turns people into someone else? C'mon! Atleast on SG you see Sam slaving for weeks on impossible tech!
Haven't we already had the mysterious technology that can turn a person into someone else? Yeah, I thought so. Yawn.
We have. And actually it would have made a lot more sense if they'd just used that same tech again. Instead of this stupid 'scanning isotopes' thing and whatever mysterious red chemical crap was supposed to be.
Oh, and one other thing. I told hubby your suspicion that Jack and Syd were in on Vaughn's disappearance, and he scoffed. After this week's ep, he's like "but how did she know?" I told him just to be in awe of you like the rest of us =)