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I feel like I'm moving in super slo-mo this morning. As opposed to just regular slo-mo every other weekday morning.

I got some kind of stain on my new pants (*%@#!) last week and I washed it but it hasn't come out completely. I mean, it's only a couple of centimeters, and pretty faint, but if I know it's there then if I wear those pants it's going to drive me insane. I think it happened when I dropped a piece of cookie in my lap so, I don't know, some kind of grease stain? Any suggestions before I attack the m-----f---er with bleach?
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I basically suck at laundry, but I feel your pain. My favorite pair of jeans got this mysterious bright yellow stain on them in the wash last week...made me soooo mad. :(
You know Dawn? The dish soap? Get some of that and put it on the stain and let it soak for an hour and then just do your laundry as normal. That always gets out grease stains for me :)
Try this stuff called 'De-Solv-It'; you get it in the detergent section of the store, it's orange and comes in a mid-size spray bottle. If that doesn't get it out, there's not much hope for it.