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Dad got to go to the ER tonight. Yes, he's a paramedic, but this time he went in as a patient. He was out doing some volunteer training with the sherrif's department, took a little spill down a slope - trying to pick up some papers, of all things - and basically has a bad groin pull. No broken bones or anything, thank God; the x-ray came back clean. So he's on pain killers and anti-inflammatories and I ran down to the store just now to get some ibu for afterwards. He's not going to be enjoying life much the next few days, and it could end up being weeks before he's back to normal, but I just thank God that this was as bad as it was. Cause when you're just sitting down to watch a baseball game and you get a call from a woman at Police Fire and Rescue who says it's an emergency... yeah, not fun.

The good news, of course, is that we won the ballgame *g* Oh, and Barry hit #709. Yay. Guess he's really going to get walked every AB, now.

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