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Waah! That went by way too quickly! And they didn't mention the baby's name, although I'm sure it'll be Isabel or whatever Syd and Vaughn decided on in the beginning of the season. Jack was way too adorable. But you know, I'm getting way tired of them distrusting SpyMommy, then trusting her, but then finding out she's bad news, maybe... I mean, how often has this happened?

Also, I spent two hours waiting for Vaughny goodness, and only got about a second and a half. I admit, the execution was pretty good, if you didn't know it was coming, which I did, and not just because I'm a spoiler whore. I'm sorry, it was so terribly painfully obvious for the entire season that he was alive. Abrams really isn't nearly as clever as he thinks he is.

But damn, Jack (I'm assuming the whole thing was Jack's brainchild) really sent Vaughn into the middle of nowhere, didn't he? Monks. Yikes.

*dances around* Vaughny Vaughny Vaughn... *cuddles him*

Oh, also?

I don't care about Will! Ppppfffhhhhh!
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Was it just me or was the birth of that child too damn easy? I was expecting her to be ready to scream bloody murder! But no, it was like, a couple of pushes and *poof!* instant baby. *shakes head*
It wasn't just you. Some people are in labour for over 12 hours. She was about 15 minutes start to finish. 30 tops, assuming that it took Jack that long to walk up and down the stairs.
Actually, I found the lack of screaming and whatnot to be quite refreshing. I mean, this is Sydney. She's gone through a lot over the years, between injuries and torture and everything, and between her natural abilities and her training she should have a pretty high pain threshold. It wouldn't have been in character for her to be shrieking like a banshee ;)

As for it being a quick delivery... well, this is Syd and Vaughn's baby we're talking about. She wanted to get the hell out of there and help kick some slimy terrorist ass ;)