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Hee! New community that you badly want to join:

I have a new community, yes I do!

And okay, there are other Sheppard/Teyla communities out there, but this one is different from the others in that it's created by moi. And I don't have nearly as many issues as a lot of people out there.


Anyway, because you all like me so much, I ask you to come over and check it out, even if you're not 100% sure that this pairing is your thing, or maybe you've had bad experiences with the genre before, or even if you're a total complete rabid John/Teyla shipper. You can even post to the community without actually joining it, if you want to be sneaky. It's all good!

Also, this comm is the first place that I'm going to post my crackfic when I finish it (hopefully) this weekend. So there - bribery. My evil plan is now complete.

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