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So I finished it last night, and I just wanted to do a quick post while it's fresh in my mind, even though I need to be getting ready for school.

It started out pretty slow; there's not even any sign of peril, other than the characters being creeped out by their surroundings, until about Chapter Four, and it doesn't start getting really perilous until Chapter Five. But once it starts moving, it moves pretty fast.

It's kind of Conversiony, and there are some elements that actually made me think of spoilers for upcoming S3 episodes. John and Rodney's voices are down pretty perfectly, and there's just a squidge of smarm... of course, I have a very very low tolerance for smarm, so it might just be me, and there certainly were not the levels I was anticipating. Teyla... she got a fairly interesting role eventually, although her voice never seemed quite right to me, and she spent a lot of time fumbling for vocabulary. I don't know if this is just an early series 'she's from a more primative society so she doesn't have the language skills the rest of us smart folk do' thing, or what. Ford was just sort of Ford. Elizabeth had a very small role, which personally I was okay with but might bug some people *g* Beckett and Zelenka were okay. Kavanaugh was a hoot. There were an awful lot of names and terms that started with the 'k' sound, which I thought could have been mixed up a little better.

The end, however, particularly the last chapter, is very nice. It's the kind of coda we rarely get on either SGA or SG-1, and it's nice for an author to remember it. And while it's not outright shippy, there is some stuff that made me giggle, and that would be aw-worthy should it be in an episode. Hold on, I want to transcribe this:

Bemused, John watched her, trying to figure out what was wrong. Teyla was avoiding his eyes, her brow furrowed and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. He said, "I thought you were on the mainland, catching up with everybody." If Beckett was actually serious about this no active duty for a week thing, John was half thinking about going out there himself. Watching the kids play, lying on the beach, getting drunk with Halling and the others around the campfire let you remember that there were places something in the universe where people lived normal lives, without fear, without being hunted. As far as they could tell, none of these places were in this galaxy, but at least it was nice to think that they existed somewhere.

Teyla frowned at the floor. "I was, but I was told Dr. Weir wanted to see me today."


John noticed Bates again, watching them with a line of suspicion between his brows, as if hoping to catch them at something, like making out in the glass-walled office in full view of half the operations staff.
'He obviously thinks being on my 'gate team is a lot more fun than it actually is.'


The Athosian embrace had different shades of meaning John hadn't entirely figured out yet, though respect was one of them and mutual forgiveness another, as well as expressing simple relief that you were both still alive. He had also never gotten the hang of who put whose hands on the other person's shoulders and in what order and who bent their head to touch foreheads first. He managed to fumble the process enough that Teyla actually snorted in amusement.

And for those who are into that sort of thing, there's really veritable gobs of Sheppard/Atlantis ship ;)
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