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The new SGA novel, Reliquary, has arrived!

Let the mockage begin!

I'll keep you updated.

Chapter One: Okay, I did already read this on the author's website, but I read it again for completeness. So far it's not quite as clunky as I remembered, although there is just way too much exposition. I guess that's sort of to be expected considering this is the first 'original' story and it was probably written early on in the series so the author is learning the characters as much as we were. But I just don't need a review on how Teyla can sense the Wraith and they don't know why exactly but it made Bates suspicion etc etc etc.

Also, Teyla sounds kind of dense, but maybe I'm just being picky.

Thus far the story is that they found some Pegasus Galaxy version of Heliopolis, they think. And it's all ruined looking and stuff. Fascinating.

Okay, now I'm pretty sure I'm being too picky.
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