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Man, I did not sleep well last night. And when I did, I was having all these weird dreams about Homer and Bart Simpson dumping people into storm sewers (at least it was pretty funny at the time) and Brennan showing off her foster home scars to Booth and something weird about Sheppard that I don't even fully remember. I just know it was weird. The funny thing is that for me, these dreams were still more lucid than usual.

Oh, I also dreamed I was watching 24 and somebody nuked LA (but Jack and co were still alive) and I was chatting with people and I was all, "Ha, LA just got nuked, snicker snicker".

Yes, I changed my layout again, mostly because I really missed my links list. Other than that, Novel is a pretty cool layout.

Anyhoo, I should go get something to eat. Today is a staff development day at the school, which aren't nearly as fun when you're on the teacher side of the desk as when you're on the student side. Alas.
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