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Baby did a bad bad thing

I have claimed SGA: Sheppard/Teyla over at psych_30. I have no idea why. It just sorta happened.

The challenge here is to create 30 psychological-themed fics using the terms in the cut below.

Well, it could be worse. There could be 100 of them.

1.Transference 2.Daddy Issues 3.Addiction 4.Ego/Id 5.Multiple Personality
6.Inferiority Complex 7.Nature vs. Nurture 8.Phobia 9.Sociopath 10.Approach-Avoidance
11.Castration Anxiety 12.Collective Unconscious 13.Delusion 14.Fixation 15.Halo Effect
16.Fetish 17.Group Think 18.Instinct 19.Separation Anxiety 20.Learned Helplessness
21.Rationalizaton 22.Libido 23.Vicarious 24.Skinner Box 25.Placebo Effect
26.Obsession 27.Catharsis 28.Free Association 29.Repression 30.Denial

Well, no reason I can't double-dip for my fictennis.

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