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Jacqueline Carey has, at last, posted the first chapter of her new novel, Kushiel's Scion, on her website! Yay! I want more... more!

Phèdre, and Imri... and Joscelin...


In other news, I've come down with a cold, which sucks. So far it's pretty mild, though. I probably feel more loopy from the cold meds I took than from the actual cold. Anyway, this weekend my to-do list includes:

- Finish putting my room back together (we got new windows in the entire house this last week, which meant a lot of moving furniture and a lot of mess).
- Do some fic writing, either tennisfic, or ficlet requests, or my novella. Something.
- Laundry, of course
- Start organizing my student teaching portfolio

Fun fun fun.

*rereads the Kushiel's Scion excerpt and sighs longingly*
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