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Just a quick update before bed

So my interview went well, I think. It was with two people I was familiar with, two principals, actually. One was the principal of the elementary school where I went to fifth grade, and the other until a couple of weeks ago was the vice principal of the school where I'm doing my student teaching. They asked some of the questions I had anticipated, about behavior management and how I would help at-risk students and that kind of thing.

The biggest surprise was that I was only in there about ten minutes! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Anyway, they seemed to like my answers, and they said that there were going to finish up interviews today and that they'll know more in the coming weeks about which positions are going to be open where. Which also sounds positive. I'll have to run it past some of the gals at school.

Well, I'm pretty tired - just from being stressed out most of the day, I think - but I'm going to attempt to watch another of my downloaded episodes before bed. :)
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Glad it went well. It's possible since they know you and one was more than likely familiar with your teaching (and had talked to the teacher you were working with) that the interview didn't need to be that long. YOu can generally tell most everything you need to know during the first few minutes anyway. Good luck when it comes time to actually get a position!
Yeah, I'd say that if one of the principals is already familiar with your teaching experience/style, that's the important part. :)
I think it means they knew they liked you on paper, and meeting you confirmed what they already thought. I think you'll get more in depth when they know what positions you might be suited for. I'm glad it went well!
{{hugs}} I know the feeling, it's tough to read the interviewers!