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Rain rain go away...

Weather in Stockton is evil. We had a bright, sunny, even mildly warm weekend, which of course caused all the trees to start blooming. In mid-Feb, that's kind of a strange thing to see, but hey, it was nice and warm. Then yesterday, gray clouds. And today, woke up to some nasty cold rain, which - if it lasts long enough - will strip most of the aforementioned trees of their aforementioned blossoms.

Guess the earth and sky are having a bit of a tiff.

I swam over the Grace Covell Hall earlier to take care of housing sign up stuff. There were only about 3 people there; I wonder if everyone else who gets 'early' (read: before noon) appt times just says 'screw it' and goes in later. Or maybe there are a lot of people with 9:30 classes. Anyway, it was completely painless. I'm not sure what I was expecting -- "I'm sorry, you're going to be a senior next year; we'll have to put you on a waiting list."

In related news, I'm going to be a senior next year. Eek!

(Of course, with this whole credential thing, I'll be a senior for 3, maybe even 4 semesters. So I'm sure the novelty will eventually wear off *g*)

The Brilliant Question of the Week over on SGC-L: "Question: Is the great divide in this fandom Gen vs Ship or Gen vs Sam/Jack?"

Erm. Well my apologies to 'other' pairing writers, but Ship in SG fandom is pretty much comprised of Sam/Jack, partly because they're both main characters and partly because it's the most canonically (heh) well-established relationship with non-platonic feelings. (And that's as PC as I can possibly put it ;)) That's like asking if the 'great divide' (whatever that is) in XF fandom was between M/S and Gen or Ship and Gen. Ship was M/S, for the most part. And even then it wasn't so much an issue of 'Gen' as it was 'Stories that don't end with Mulder and Scully in the sack' *g*

Denise actually made some sense out of the question, and I agree with what she said -- it's not about Ship vs Gen, it's about Gen vs Gen. Or, as I might put it, Gen vs 'Gen' ;) For some people, 'Gen' is fic that doesn't have anything mildly non-platonic about it (unless it's smarmy, of course. Phhf). For others, Gen is fic that mainly sticks to the precepts of canon.

Now wait, you say. That's hardly a sensible definition, because everyone can interpret canon differently! But I simply don't believe that. I accept that there are things about canon that I dislike, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. I write around the things I don't want to write about *cough*glowboy*sneeze* and focus on the things I do. If I write a story completely focused on the things I like - say, Sam and Jack skipping through a field of daisies - I'm going to be honest enough to call it what it is -- shipfic. But if I write a fic about Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Jonas skipping through a field of daisies, and include a passing line about how Jack wishes he and Sam could skip through the daisies together, just the two of them, that's not the same thing.

So maybe I'm lowering myself to the ToeSucker Standard of "If Jack and Danny ain't screwing, or thinking copiously about screwing, it's Gen".

And that really was a holy freaking monster of a tangent, wasn't it?
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