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So I'm working on my Shep/Teyla fictennis story, but after that last push to get the zinefic story done I'm feeling the need for some variety. So I'm going to kind of borrow/modify an idea from tielan and open the floor for ficlet requests.

*plays dramatic music, as she's never done this before*

All I ask is you follow this simple format: give me one SGA character (major, minor, guest, whatever), and one prompt (a word, a phrase, a quote, a theme) and I'll take it from there. Maybe it'll be a drabble. Maybe it'll be more! Who knows!

One per customer for the time being, please; I'll let you know when you can start whacking on me again ;)
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Hmmmm, one SGA character. Lessee ...

Lieutenant Cadman

And a phrase? Word? Or Theme?

10 ways to annoy Rodney McKay
Because I fell in love with David Nykl at SG-10, I choose:

Do that do me one more time!
"Do that *to* me one more time"

LOL. Is it breaking any rules to ask for clarification on that one? ;)
I was in to song titles this afternoon. The first one I came up with was "What's love got to do with it?" Hey, it's just a "tickler" to get your juices flowing. Go for it in whatever way strikes your fancy.
I'm obviously overtired...this just came to me:

You could call it, "How Zalenka Got His Groove Back"

Must finish packing and get to bed!