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The Island

Dude, this movie is so awesome! Why did I never see it before this??

In other news... my vacation is kinda-sorta over as the next three days will be partly or mostly taken up with seminars at my school. Tomorrow I have to be there from 8:30-3:00, which means I'll have to leave the house not too long after 7:00. Yech. On the upside, this thingy is supposed to give us information about getting a job, which is very good as I have - dramatic music, please - my first real job interview on the 30th! Eek!

That reminds me, I need to print out a copy of my resume before I go to bed. Which is going to be soon. Because leaving at 7:00... ew.

Seriously, though. Cool movie. Kind of Matrix mixed with Minority Report mixed with I, Robot, mixed with Logan's Run, mixed with Brave New World, mixed with The Sixth Day -- just a little, though, not the stupid parts. And lots of Ewan. Very nice.

*uploads The Island icon cuz yum*
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