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Top Ten Signs Saddam Hussein Is Planning To Move To Your Neighborhood

10. While watching CNN your daughter exclaims, "That's the guy who bought my Girl Scout cookies!"

9. Predator drones circling overhead

8. Your mailman made a mistake and gave you a shipment of plutonium

7. Streets have fewer minivans, more tanks

6. Sign on lawn: "Trespassers will be gassed and tortured"

5. Sean Penn keeps coming over

4. Your address: 145 Murray Street; newspaper's headline: "82nd Airborne Deployed To 148 Murray Street"

3. At Home Depot, you notice four Saddam doubles arguing about carpet

2. In driveway, Humvee with license plate "Ruthless 1"

1. Classified ad seeks "The mother of all affordable split-level homes"
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Re: Seen on a bumper sticker...

Of course, one has to be practical. Iraq, at least, has oil. France just has cheese. And not even good cheese!

Re: Seen on a bumper sticker...

Just saw your "First Irag. Then France. American imperialism at its finest." icon in another thread and am still laughing. :-D:-D:-D

But France didn't invent just cheese. You forgot both the guillotine and champagne. [And the latter may have had a lot to do with the invention of the former, tho' slicing all that cheese may have had something to do with it as well.] Any nation that has turned fine dining and fine wining into not just an art but a lifestyle has to have something good about it. [And don't forget where the Statue of Liberty was designed and built.]

Keep up the good work! :-D