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Your news for 3/15/06

Leaders seek judge's ouster over sex offender's sentence - COLUMBUS, Ohio -Three state leaders Wednesday sought the removal of a judge who ordered probation instead of jail time for a man who admitted sexually assaulting two boys.

Maryland state lawmakers look to pass 'Jessica's Law' - "The governor would be happy to sign a Jessica's Law bill if it got tohis desk. The problem has consistently been the House Judiciary Committee in killing this type of legislation," says Alan Friedman of the Governor's Legislative Office.

U.N. approves new human rights council - UNITED NATIONS — The General Assembly voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to replace the U.N.'s discredited human rights body with a new Human Rights Council, ignoring U.S. objections that not enough was done to prevent abusive countries from becoming members.

The Yale Taliban - Last week it was revealed that Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, former deputy foreign secretary of theTaliban, is now a student at Yale. Yale administrators, it seems,scrambled to enroll Mr. Hashemi.
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