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Because my flist knows everything

I Wikied it and I know a teeny tiny something about vocal ranges. But really, barely nothing. So my question is... what is Teyla/Rachel Lutrell? Say if Lizzie and Shep and all the rest were to burst into song (and be good at it), where would they be? Reasonably speaking?
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I'd say Liz would be an Alto. Probably a First Alto. Ronon would be a Bass. Shep a Baritone. And because you would need someone to sing the high, Teyla would be Soprano probably a Second Soprano.

Does that help at all?
Rachel is probably "Mezzo Soprano", which is somewhere between the lovely soaring notes of the soprano and the quiet, introspective notes of the alto... Liz? Could be a soprano, I've heard many women who have "low" speaking voices, but are some of the best soprano's I know.

Ronan is probably Baritone or Bass. A man's speaking voice is often a good indicator of his singing voice. And Shep? Hmmm. He's a difficult one, but probably Tenor. You'd get some nice 4-part harmonies out of them!
You'd get some nice 4-part harmonies out of them!

*giggles* Is it so wrong that I can totally see that?

Thank you!
Ye gods, now I'm seeing the four of them in a musical episode, like Buffy's one! ~Shudder~ Not a good idea! :)
Basted on her performance, I'd say Teyla was either an alto or a mezzo Soprano. She goes into pretty low ranges that many sopranos would find difficult to achieve comfortably. But I guess if you really have to have a soprano, she could do it. Some people just have huge ranges. Personally, I'd call up Beckett's girlfriend if I needed a soprano, though.
Well Rachel is definitely Soprano, I know that... Same as me *g*.