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Know what's frustrating? When you've been out of high school for six years and you're still having dreams about (a) a huge assignment that's due in a couple hours and you totally forgot about it and have barely started it or (b) you didn't actually pass one of your classes so you didn't really graduate and therefore everything you did in college is nullified.

I mean, I never think about high school anymore, except when I go to the city library (which is on the campus) and entertain the idea of visiting a couple of my old teachers. As for the rest of it? Bah.

In other news, I woke up this morning with this overwhelming urge to watch Point of View. I think a SG-1 marathon is in order during my week off.

Yes, sjhw_tolerance, during that week I will also be finishing my zine fic.

SciFi Friday finales tonight. Makes me so sad :( I actually saw the SGA finale weeks ago thanks to BT, but... I'm still sad. When does the new season start?

Okay, I need to shoot off an email to the HR person of the school district about my application (what the heck is included in a college placement file anyway?) and then I need to get my butt in gear and get to school. Today is the last day in this classroom! I'm sure that I will be upset about this and miss the little tykes further down the road, but... well, not so much right now *eg*
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