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Mmm squishy...

I had these wonderful squishy SGA dreams last night... they got a little weird at times, but they were really very enjoyable...

It was babyfic-cenetered again; my muse seems to have sort of a one-track mind these days. Oh well. I'm just happy she's gotten off the angel kick she was on earlier in the week... for now, at least.

Anyway, I dreamed this in the context of watching an episode, where Jack, Sam, Sheppard, Teyla, Ronon and possibly others were captured by the Wraith when they went to go check out some cool, promising new planet. It was supposed to be like the Ancient mecca, and they hoped that there might be real Ancients living there as well. Unfortunately the Wraith had beaten them there and set up house, and the group was captured. Oh, and I think that kismatt, you were possibly one of the MPs.

So after they were all captured, the Wraith somehow figured out that Teyla was preggers, and it was John's. At which point the dream-me did a lot of jumping around and squeeing and IMing seldear.

Yes, I IM people in my dreams.

Well, no sooner had they figured this out then flash-forward and Teyla has had the baby (a girl) and the Wraith have made off with it because there's some kind of Wraith prophecy about Wraith and Ancient DNA coming together. And Sheppard goes a little nutty because it's his daughter and he has to get her back. And that was pretty much the end, although there was something else in there involving a talking hen and cats that I don't even want to contemplate too deeply.

So all in all not the most exciting dream plot-wise (except that at some point Sam and Jack were both walking around in their underwear, listening to music, I forgot to mention that), but protective-daddy!Sheppard was just soooo squishable. And, damn it, I want to go back to sleep so I can see the rest of the episode! Grr!
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