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This is your brain. Well, my brain.

seldear, I just need you to know - and I'm sure you'll find this mighty amusing - that your propensity towards crackfic is contagious.

If you've seen my reading list thus far, you know I've been gobbling up the Samaria books by Sharon Shinn like nobody's business. Rereading them because they're lovely and fanciful and intelligent and they give me a warm squishy feeling when I'm done. Well now my brain has decided to try and fit the cast of Atlantis into Samaria!

I started off thinking that the Pegasus natives would have to be the angels, but the more that I thought about it the more natural it seemed that Elizabeth would be Archangel, probably from the Eyrie since in my mind it's the hold that most resembles Atlantis. Keeping with the theme of the books, Ronon would have to be her chosen angelico, perhaps an Edori who's been cut off from his clan for many years for some reason. Teyla might be Edori too, or half Edori -- if I set it after The Alleluia Files, she could even be the mortal daughter of Lucinda and Reuben! John would have to be an angel too, cause he's a pilot -- plus he would look just fine with a set of wings -- in fact, I'm sure that I've seen an icon of that floating around on my flist. I don't know if it would work better to have him at the Eyrie, or maybe leading one of the other holds... perhaps because something has happened to the previous leader? The angel Marshall? Heheh. Carson could be a healer, and Rodney a Mandaavi engineer from one of the river cities.

Of course, the problem in setting this after The Alleluia Files is that I don't see how I could not spoil the Big Twist of the series. And that wouldn't be fair, because I know pretty much no one has read these books (what the hell is wrong with you??). So I guess I could do the other direction and have it take place early on, like either Elizabeth or John are some distant relation of Uriel and Haggar. Ooh, and what if instead of being an Edori, Ronon was a Jansai. Heheh. On the other hand, having the story set so early on will give Rodney a lot less to do, and I would love to see him dealing with the reality of Jovah. Oy, this is going to be diff--

Hold on, what am I talking about? I have little 6 year old monsters to teach - at least for another week - and zine fic to write and... stuff! Writing crackfic bad! Bad!

Sometimes I just really hate my muse...
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