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Stargate-Project has a cool interview with Jason Momoa. Here are some excerpts that made me laugh:

SG-P: How are your cast colleagues? Could you describe every one of them (Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, Rachell Luttrell, David Hewlett and Paul McGillion) withjust one word for us?
JM: Joe Flanigan: a big brother, Torri Higginson: Ronon's next love interest, Rachel Luttrell: sister, David Hewlett: "the man"!, Paul McGillion: Also Ronon's next love interest!

SG-P: What is your opinion about Stargate Atlantis? How is this series different, compared to other series you've worked on?
JM: Well for one thing, I wear alot more clothes on Atlantis! In Baywatch Hawaii and North Shore, I was always saying, 'Let me wear a shirt every now and then!' Now I have to wear 25 pounds of armour and cumbersome weaponry and I'm always sweating and hot! Now I'm saying, 'Can't Ronon wear shorts in this episode?'

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