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Olympic observation

The Dutch speed skaters look like giant carrots.
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*hehehe* I thought the same thing the other night when I watched the first speed skating races!
The Russian outfits are like a million times worse than the Dutch outfits! Honestly if I were the opponent of the Russians I'd have to get all my laughing out before hand as I would be afraid I wouldn't be able to skate because of all the laughing I would be doing! Honestly, you would think the Russians would win more races due to the fact their opponents keep falling in the floor from side splitting laughter!
Thanks to the fabulous *cough* designers at Nike, they do look like giant carrots indeed ;-)
Wait until you notice the little dark blue diamond in amongst all the orange *shakes head*
Not to mention the fact that the orange fabric is kinda see through. Yes, Nike outdid themselves *shakes head some more*

But they still look better than the Russians and the Canadians *g*

And it's =orange=! Orange is good, orange is happy, and it makes it damn easy to tell who 3/4th of the audience is rooting for (pun so much intended *g*)
Can you imagine the reaction of those big burly guys like Dorofeyev and Lalenkov when they saw those suits for the first time *giggles*
"I will not be caught dead in this"
"No, you will be caught skating in this, with millions of people all over the western world watching"
"*rolls eyes*"