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Finally caught up on my flist posts. It's very very easy to get behind when you only miss one day, especially when that day is Friday.

Speaking of... I'd already seen The Tower thanks to Canadian downloads, so not much to say there. It's a good episode with a kind of interesting twist, some laughs, and I can't bring myself to dislike it just because some chick throws herself at Shep. Especially since the reason she does isn't because he's a Kirklike stud but because of the ATA gene. Guy can't help that. Of course it would have been interesting if McKay had been taken, too *g*

Scar was one of the first really good BSG eps in a while, IMO. Probably my favorite since Resurrection Ship Pt 1, although my series favorite is still the one where the Chief builds the Blackbird. Kara is just so completely screwed up that she can't help but be entertaining. I have to wonder what the more ardent K/L shippers thought about that whole scene, if it was really as one-sided as it seemed. I have no interest whatsoever in that Anders guy, but obviously it's something they have the choice of either revisiting or moving on from completely. The end was touching, even if Kat really did deserve to be clubbed over the head.

Ethon, I have to say, really surprised me. When I heard that it would revisit the world from that earlier episode - the title completely escapes me - I was already bored. But really, they could have done it with some other planet; this way, it meant more, and there was backstory. I agree with people who said that their hesitation was stupid, but I guess it comes down to our guys being too overconfident. Glad that asshole President got killed -- I'm sad about Prometheus, and I liked Pendergast. I'm kind of impressed with SG1 for not going down the easy road of the near-escape-and-happy-ending, although it seems they're damned if they do, etc. If they make a happy ending, they're criticized for not taking chances, but if they do something unexpected like this they're told off for either the actions of the characters or the sheer gall to kill people and blow up stuff.

So this weekend I'm going to take it easy, do some writing - need to work on zine and tennis fic, and yes, sjhw_tolerance, I know where my priorities ought to lie ;) I also should do some homework. Should. Meh.

Oh, speaking of zine fic... when can we post our stories from the last issue of Rev?
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