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I was going to put this in the previous post, but my love for this book is currently so great that it deserved its own entry.

Some other things:

- Shanks will be in 16 of 20 episodes next season, and the writers are apparently considering some kind of "controversial" Daniel arc. Hey, want to be really controversial? Put him in 0 of 20 episodes! Mwahaha! (via Gateworld)

- I didn't watch ER tonight because it looked boring in the commercials, and I wanted to take a bubble bath. Did I miss anything exciting/important, specifically in the Abby/Luka arc? *loves them*

- No tennis fic yet, folks.

- In related news, I'm teaching my first lesson tomorrow! It's on temperature and using thermometers. My university supervisor is going to be there, too. I'm not so much nervous about the actual teaching (the last three school days I've taught calendar and I think that's given me something of a handle on how to manage these guys in whole group, although seeing how they do in pairs should be interesting) as dreading the critique afterwards. I hate critique. It's really only peer pressure that even leads me to get most of my stuff beta-read ;) On the upside, once it's over it's over, and then I can come home and relax and watch SciFi Friday, yay!
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