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State of the Union

I'm sure the blogs I frequent will all have insightful and clever and funny things to say, so I won't bother ;) Watch this space.

Ooh, the Democratic response is on.

*takes a peek*

Eh, no one interesting.


Isn't Sam Alito just the cutest little thing? I just wanted to 'aww' every time they showed him. Also, I wanted a Hilary cam, just to make sure that that was an actual person we were looking at and not a blow-up doll with little anamatronic arms. Then again, if that was the case, Bill probably wouldn't let her out of his sight. No, it's more likely that she just had her entire upper body Botoxed in preparation for the SotU.

Dem response update: "There's a better way. We're just not going to tell you what it is. You have to guess. Email your guesses to"

Oh, and "every American embraces [the] goals" of supporting the troops. Dude, do you realize how much BS that is, or are you just reading off the teleprompter? Loser.
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