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Woot! *points to icon*

To quote reality_hammer:
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to step outside and wait for the corpses of women, children, the disabled, minorities, the elderly, the little guy and all other victims of Judge Alito to start piling up on the curbs of America.

Whew! Good thing tomorrow is trash day!

Also, we noticed today that the flag was at half-staff? Who died?

Okay, going to go get a snack, write something in my teaching journal so I don't have to make up all the entries at the end of the semester *eg* and then I'm going to watch Allies! (Obviously the title is an homage to me, being just two letters off.) Evil!Alli wants to watch the episode before writing, but then Good!Alli reminded Evil!Alli that this is the last episode of the season! *sobs* So there's a little tiny bit of motivation to not rush things. Not too much, at least.

Okay, food.
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