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SGA: Inferno

Wow, what to say about this episode. First of all, there was peril, and I love peril. I loved McKay and Sheppard fighting over the girl, I loved Lizzie's teasing - "hot?" "smitten?" - and asking what the leader guy was like, and the leader guy being suspicious and mean but then coming around... I loved Shep being The Big Damn Hero saving the locals, and I loved Ronon taking charge, and carrying the little kids, and I loved the inclusion of Beckett, and the fact that Lizzie got to go offworld for a little bit at least, and the recognition of the pattern of McKay saving the day the last minute. Cause, you know, if the characters notice it themselves and can make fun of it, it doesn't seem quite as cliched. Oh, and I loved the bit about the name of the ship, and McKay's groan at "Orion", and the VFX, although I wish there had been a few more... maybe more up-close shots of the Orion and some more lava and I sort of wish they would get away from the habit of using Ronon and Teyla as the 'muscle', although I guess in this case Shep and McKay were both needed where they were for the purposes of the story. Anyway, lots of emotion, and peril, and funny stuff with McKay and Shep (I bet the slashers' little hearts are just melting), and overall just a really fun episode. :)

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