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Blue Cross raised my monthly premiums again. Almost $20 this time.

G**d*** f****** b*******.

That is all.
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Oooo, join the club!

Mine and mylo1012's monthly premiums got trippled this month!
Gotta love the government and their insane policies.
They decided to stop with the public vs private healthcare system in Holland and make it all one big public system. But those of us who were insured in the public system (with low to average incomes), the monthly premiums trippled. Oops.
So now the government is making compensation money available for 4 million people with low(er) incomes.
Those of us with average incomes get to think of ways to pay the full load though.
Yes, very smart plan indeed.
bastards, although i am on double not tripple, but not really sure whats gonna happen with the work insurrance, something about 6.8 % so i might end up in tripple after all
did you get a monthy "toeslag"?
Nope, didn't qualify for the monthly compensation. So I get the full blast. Although I should get 'something' back because they got rid of part of the real estate tax. I'm fairly sure it's not going to cover the whole difference though.

Oh well *shrugs*
Good thing I got that raise last year..

And there's plenty of people who are =much= worse off than me..
I get some back but not much, my parents are way worse off, dad is ex-navy but in the old system Defence department payed for it (should have been till he was 65), but with the new system he has to pay, he is also doesnt qualify for compensation so it will cost him over 200 euro per month more
That's a disgrace!
You serve your country, they promise to take care of a few things in return and then they come back to bite you in the a$$ afterwards..