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So today was supposed to be my first official day student teaching. Except I woke up with a sore throat and a fever of about 100.5.

I think many of you know who I blame.

I took some drugs and I was at the school at 7:30am anyway, because it was the first day! Except my teacher told me to go home and rest and get better and not come back until Monday, because student teaching is stressful and puts a toll on the immune system anyway, so you have to start off healthy, and that we wouldn't count today and tomorrow as part of the 3 official sick days I'm allowed because I've done a lot of work in her classroom in the past that I didn't get credit for.

In one sense I'm still kind of bummed because I wanted to start this all off on a good note, and I'm also totally relieved that I get this respite, and completely thankful that I have such an awesome and understanding cooperating teacher.

madjm, I'm sorry I've been sucking so bad as a beta lately. I will send you the next part before I go to bed tonight, swear to God.
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