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This is such a great Starbuck-Starbuck/Apollo song.

Hint, hint people. I don't have time for vids myself, I have a deadline already ;)

Abigail Zsiga: Better With You

I'm good on my own
And I'm good all alone
I've got all that I need
And it's nothing I own
I know what is right
And I know what is true
I'm good that way
But I'm better with you
I'm better with you

There's a voice in my head
And it comes when I'm sleeping
Something this good cannot possibly be
And the problem with trust
Is the problem with love
And the problem is probably me


Somehow I know
If I lean I will fall down
And I cannot ask you to soften that blow
So you wave as I leave
As I swim out to sea
And you're wishing me well
Because that's what I need


I'm better with you

But I pushed you too hard
And I went a little far
And without you it's killing me
Killing me

chorus x2

I'm good that way
But I'm better with you

Will post a link if I'm able to find it on limewire somewhere entirely legal
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